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We offers software development services in variety of application areas

  • Application Re-Engineering
    Give your old style working or designed for old platforms application a new life.
  • Business Applications
    Various application for your business, and business process management and tracking systems for eCommerce, special applications for you accounts department.
  • Custom controls development
    Controls and panels for different applications to help user work freely and comfortably
  • Database design and development
    We have experience in designing strong distributed database's design in various DBMS
  • Data migration between various DBMS
    Well help you business migrate faster, and easier.
  • Device Drivers
    Our team has more than 3 years experience in writing drivers for different devices for such platforms as Windows2000\XP\NT 4.0\WindowsME\Windows98
  • Information System development
    Today it is impossible to underrate the role in IT world of professionals in information architecture, OO designing and analyses, system analyses.
  • Network development
    Reduce TCO of your network; we have specialist in network administration and designing network architecture.
  • Multimedia
    Experienced team which works with graphics wrote their own library for graphics convention see "Image Exchange" in portfolio. We wrote many profession applications for PDF format.
  • Security and Cryptography
    Network and data security are always been at high level at our company. Make your business secure.
  • Localization of software products
    Professional copywriters and programmers can localize your applications for many languages.
  • Web applications development
    Web development is one of our main fields of work, we have experienced web team. We can give a good web start for you business. We can make useable web sites, and make usability test end reengineering your site usability.
  • Software testing
    Professional testing is such thing which is in each our project.
    We test our projects in 4 main phases:
    • Unit testing
    • Integration testing
    • System testing
    • Acceptance testing

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